6/13/2020 - A man (Trying to remember it now I think he kind of looked like my Weight Training coach.) took a friend and I on a shopping spree. While looking around I also saw a golf club and held it like a weapon but this lady gave me a dirty look for doing so. I ended up still paying for the items I was getting but only about a third of what the items cost, The items being 2 pairs of shoes, I think they were Nike. We then left the store and outside a group of people were doing the kazotsky kick and I joined in as one does in team fortress 2 friendly etiquette, in the process I almost fell over on to the street.

6/14/2020 - I am in highschool and the teacher was fuming, trying to get us to sign a reply slip. I think was spouting racist nonsense. I call her out for it and everyone is in hysterics. Class is dismissed. I decide to go home instead of go to the next class and I rudely tell the next teacher that I am not coming to her class. They were carrying a box wrapped with a wire mesh and contained white pigeons.

I was being chased by an anime girl up a scaffolding. the girl had strange superpowers, a green glowing energy of sorts. I manage to get away by jumping off the scaffolding and with the help of someone. Moments later I am leaving a cinema with another person. There are a lot of people in the city. A large monster appears a few blocks down the street and everyone starts panicking. We start running the opposite direction of the monster but another one was just around the corner. We pass it and try to cross a bridge which collapses under the weight of all the people trying to cross. A man grabs on to my leg as he is drowning and I manage to keep my head above water. My sister was also there, I think as well as an older man. Suddenly we are in the back of a white carriage and everyone seems to be rather lethargic. I was about to do something drastic but the older man asks me what the point of what I am going to do is since things are going to reset anyway. I am part of a family.

I am in bed and apparently this is a group of developers whose game was affecting reality. They try to fix it but somehow things die down. This is connected to the girl chasing me earlier. I am part of the developer crew and they seem to be working in a space similar to my room but smaller. Suddenly we are relaxing and a woman is stroking my hair.

An entity is showing this girl his power to manipulate things through a round screen of sorts. He makes an overweight man bump into several women and they get upset and attack him. Another woman appears and helps the man and it is shown that these two are the girls father.

My room is transported to a primitive sort of land and I meet a girl whose base is made of wood scaffolding but somehow in her base there are anime posters everywhere, I remember one specifically being Texnolyze. I accidentally break the ladder entrance but I return later and it's fixed.

6/18/2020 - I was participating in a battle bots tournament but with an rc car, I credit that to the William Osman video I was watching before bed. One of the people at the event gave me a free book which he signed. No idea who the man was and why he signed the book. During the event I sat down at the front row. Jerma sits in the same row, to my shock. "Is that jerma 985?!" I ask the person next to me and then Jerma and i started talking about something, then it was a bit awkward.

I am in elementary but the building is much like my own house. A childhood bully of mine was testing my patience so I snap and beat his head in pretty badly. He runs away.

6/18/2020 - I am in bed. there is a female figure in the bedroom that I can only see through my tablet. I hide under my sheets. I look through my tablet. I see the woman is still there getting closer, her face distorts as she does. My father is there in bed to comfort me, much like he did when i was a child, but also becomes fearful of the woman in the tablet.

6/21/2020 - We are going to a party. I am dressed in red and blue and my father is dressed in black. We enter the venue and it appears to be twice the size inside. My grandmother is there.

We are in the street and my cousin is playing with a scooter.

My father is walking with me in the street and stops when he sees my uncle peeking through the gate. He seems visually upset at seeing him. Then they chat for a little bit.

I work for a company with someone who I think i am related to. I enter the elevator and I meet him at a tech office. I have malicious intent that will destroy the company through their database. I upload something into the computers and the whole building seems to panic. My relative/co-worker is at the ground floor waiting for me. He seems to be in on the plan. He offers to buy me food.

My father and I drive to a back alley and park our motorbikes there. I am barefoot. We walk toward an area that seems to have sewage. I step in some sort of slime. We pass by some running water and I am desperate to wash my feet in it. We are now at the university. I am barefoot. The ground is wet and I am uncomfortable. The students are dressed in formal attire. One recognizes me, she waves at me and I look away. We walk toward an area that sells different kinds of merchandise and see a kiosk selling flip flops. We look through it and the shop owner pressures us into buying a pair. We end up not buying anything due to the price.

we are now on a balcony. There are figures dressed in white jumping from roof to roof. They start jumping on to our balcony. They are carrying firearms. They seem to ignore us and one dressed in black enters our house. The one in black begins rummaging through our belongings and I approach him with a bat and hit him square on the head with it. He is knocked out and transforms into an electric guitar. I pick up the guitar and use it as a weapon. The figures in white begin to enter the house and my father tries to block them from entering. Some get through and I hit them with a guitar. I black out and find the house no longer has any white figures trying to enter. The guitar has also disappeared. My father is still at the balcony and tells me that what happened indeed happened. I peek outside and the white figures are running in the streets with guns.

6/22/2020 - the kid from charlie and the chocolate factory calls me into the factory, where willy wonka tells me he's going to stop making chocolate. and gives me the last 2 bars of chocolate. i reason with him but his descision is final. at some point i attempt to break into a window to steal whatever chocolate is left. this funny, since i am allergic to chocolate. My mother points out that willy wonka is still in there, watching old childrens movies on a projector. i change my mind.

the world is inverted and anime figurines and moe posters are on shelves mounted to the wall every few steps, much like an altar for religious uses. i explore a bit and see there is a road paved with orange bricks that goes on for miles. on the opposite side is a megastructure. the sky is blue and the grass is green. i return inside, passing more of the altars. eventually returning to a hotel room that seems very much like my room. an alternate version of my parents are there, i show my father several magazines i had with me and am told to be careful with them, since books and the like are contraband. i head to the bedroom and attempt to cover my shelves that contain manga with plywood. we leave the room and i am transported elsewhere. i return to the hotel room to see medical students have removed all furniture and belongings as a "prank." i lock myself in the bathroom and at some points leave to lash out at the students who seem to not be taking anything seriously. i am given a feedback booklet which i rip in spite.

I am in my sister's highschool classroom. class is about to start. i am given the results of the evaluation from the "prank" earlier and the evaluator seems to agree with me that the "prank" was distasteful.

6/18/2020 - I am in a megastructure that seems to be haphazardly built with white blocks. i traverse this structure and it changes and moves on its own. i am led to a maze. i go through the maze but i am signaled by blocks that emit light. Unfortunately, these are pointing me in the wrong direction. i eventually escape the maze. there is a large worm like thing that emerges from the ground and a platform glows before me

i am at a grocery and i am shopping with my family. the line is long. my cousins seem to be absentminded and ignore that i am trying to queue up to pay for my groceries. i have a fit.

6/26/2020 - There are siblings travelling in a desert planet. They seem to be the last two people alive. They find mummified remains of their uncle(?) and they bring it back to a cave like place to back to study it. The corpse is about several hundred years old. the girl injects omething into the stumps where the legs used to be using a long syringe. The corpse comes back to life slowly and starts screaming in agony. as if it did not want to be revived.

We are in some sort of small theatre play. I convince my friends to leave the room.

6/20/2020 - There are three monitors on my desk and there are people working in the office building across my house. A bulb is hanging from a wire in my ceiling and it is faulty. I touch it and it shocks my hand

7/5/2020 - I am in a video game world similar to postal and some youtuber is narrating the mechanics of the world I am in. It shows some third person and sidescrolling gameplay and they are mostly situated in vents.

7/5/2020 - There are riots in the street. I was arrested for no reason and cuffed with zipties. The cops let me go for "good behavior" along with another guy. The guy pointed to an arcade that was being looted and we went to investigate it. on the street i see one cop hit a guy with a gold trophy he was hiding in his uniform. I enter the arcade through a ramp that leads to a toilet. I get stuck.

I got arrested and sentenced to probation. Suddenly everyone was hostile to me. I ran toward an elevator and my mom was following me but got left behind. the elevator led to my old highschool and one of my old classmates as he looked the same as he was in highschool began picking a fight with me but somehow everything was so slippery and he got knocked out. I leave the scene and remove my prison uniform because it was covered in soap.

I ate ham

7/9/2020 - A spaceship is under attack by aliens that multiply en masse, and the whole situation feels like a zerg rush. To defeat these aliens I dig my hands into their mouth and tear them apart. A girl is fighting alongside me and we fall in love somehow. After defeating the multiplying aliens, we go to an amusement park.

I am in what looks like my elementary school, my friend Jobert is there. I am doing a half assed paper. My teacher dismisses us but i am not yet done with my paper. I chase my teacher as she leaves and enters an elevator. I hand my paper to her. Beside the elevator there is a person in hospital clothes and from a mental hospital chained to a bed. She is freaking out. There are two foreign students making fun of her. For some reason, in order for the elevator to work, must place a 100 Peso bill to make the elevator work.

I am in some kind of school with a celerity and we are in bed of black liquid that gets denser the further you go into it. There are documents in the liquid that read "DO. NOT. FISH."

7/15/2020 - I am in the outskirts of a town, there are two cartoony humanoid characters there. I help them out with something and somehow I am promoted to become a detective. A cat fuses into my brain. I travel with the two cartoony figutres into town. we are filthy so we jump into a public pool. we hang around for a bit but as I jump out I drop my watch and some other items. I dive back into the pool to get them.

I am in a house and we are trying to figure out where the cat signal is coming from, after eliminating two other cats, I recall that a cat fused into my brain.

i am in highschool carrying too many books. i keep dropping them. i walk towards the gym which is bigger than i remember and i ask an old classmate where another classmate/friend is. if she's seen her around lately. i feel for some reason the missing classmate is the cat the fused into my brain.

7/16/2020 - I am in a car with a dog. the dog is skinny and has brown fur. It starts licking me. My father enters the car and we drive off somewhere. When we get to the destination he exits the car and I see him holding a revolver. He is planning to shoot someone for revenge of killing a dog we had in the past.

7/17/2020 - I am quarantined in a very fancy hospital. the hospital looked more like a hotel rather than a hospital. At some point a lady as murdered by accident. I am shifted to the perspective of a man hiding under a bed. He was injecting some sort of drug into himself but was caught by his mother, so he killed her. I did one of them Hospital hallway is packed with people and the hospital is more like a hotel than a hospital

7/21/2020 - i am at a party. a friend lets me into an art collector's house. I look around and see the storage area for rare art pieces and sculptures. there is a wooden relief sculpture. for some reason i begin slashing it with my sword. I panic shortly after because the owner is coming and i look for a place to hide the damaged sculpture. i decide to hide it under the bed in the storage room. i leave with my friend while the owner/old lady was preoccupied in the kitchen. i ask my friend how much that sculpture was worth and she told me that it was around 200,000 in an unspecified currency.

later my parents come to pick me up, somehow they make friends with the old lady while we are all at a bookstore. i thought i saw a copy of BLAME and stand up to look at it. unfortunately, it was not. the old lady speaks to me and asks to see my art, she seems impressed by it but i am very uncomfortable considering i had damaged one of the sculptures in her collection.

i am in some kind of gas station but for some reason there is a classroom in there. i am picked up by my parents along with my cousins so we can go get food, at 9 pm. i was wondering where since all the malls would be closed by this time. we enter the mall and as we go up the escalator i see the entire third floor is a playplace for kids, though, it is closed due to the pandemic. but it seems to go on for the rest of the floor.