[1] 12/15/2019 - Hands off the other SIDE of this apparently I was in a very nice place and then I had to get out there with my friends who literally didn't know I was in the hospital when I'm in the hospital room incase been very sick and then she was also very nice at least when they responded.
[2] 12/21/2019 - Slop food carbohydrates yummy pineapple deep dish Chicago pizza italian lasagna slop food I would rather eat mold off my toilet floor.
[2] 12/21/2019 - Very tired of having to eat.
[2] 12/21/2019 - If I was hungry I would simply not eat.
[3] 12/27/2019 - Please prescribe me medicine that will make me stop thinking
[4] 12/31/2019 - Dsnen sent messag fucj you hdhdhdhd fucjvebfbbbb
[5] 12/21/2019 - I dont exactly know what's going on in my brain I wish I just dindt have one.
[7] 1/15/2020 - To see ones worth based off creation is to be fooled by the seduction of gratification which only produces a rush of dopamine that can only be comparable tovarious addictions that ultimately do not contribute to the wellbeing of yourself nor the entities around you feed the hound
[8] 1/16/2020 - The cockroach would not know when it would be consumed by the ant and does not bother itself with things like mortality all it knows how to do is somehow rapidly move its wings and detect pheromones probably and I personally like to share my thoughts with roaches they know.
[9] 1/21/2020 - What man does not realize is that they have the ability to dictate on their own freedom however this freedom is not truly a form of freedom but only creates further constraint which impedes the true freedom which one can attain. Responsibility must be taken for consequences.
But what exactly is it to be free? One does realize it can be a mindset but can also be a form of literal imprisonment which of course one will always seek emancipation from. But this release only creates further shackles one only comes to regret in the future once realized
Conformity to the norms and tradition acts as a shackle one seeks to be emancipated from but does not realize that either way one will still be constrained ultimately for there are no right or wrong, only choices. This prompts one to indulge in ignorance following instruction.
It all boils down to desicion, and the resolve to commit to these decisions and anticipate the outcome. Gradually accepting such outcomes as one faces them; seeing as there is no set in stone rules other than the ones you believe to be so.
Then to consider all options and weigh one against another is irrelevant, one should just choose or else be cursed to forever weigh these options and never choose one to begin with
[10] 1/22/2020 - On cleanliness it is said that it leads directly to godliness, I have observed that once I have successfully cleaned my room, made it pristine, I shall attain godliness; I will then assimilate god into myself, ultimately becoming god
To clean is to become god. Cleansing oneself of scum and shedding one's layer of filth and evil shall bring enlightenment and power. This power unbinds one from all physical and mental shackles and attains a state of omnipotence which allows one to initiate the omega.Personal end
[11] 1/23/2020 - One should keep caution when entering seemingly abandoned classrooms. Various accounts state that often,rooms are a temporal anomaly that puts one in an eternal state of education. While initially being useful information, the longer one stays, the more this information is warped
these anomalies still interact with the present and thus those who come across documents that tend to escape these rooms come to accept these papers as factual and accurate; seeing as they come across it in an educational institute.
[12] 1/26/2020 - too inept to follow conventional means of accomplishing tasks that of which leads me in a state of limbo which I cannot seem to escape. My living quarters is my prison. I desire not escape, for now. Penance is in order.
[12] 1/26/2020 - See I dont like to bother myself with the amygdala of creation that of which is attributed to several layers of carnivore gourmet salads in which one seeks to indulge in. Bleaching of sea beds and the creation of a dirty which is fueled by contempt for all forms of existence
[12] 1/26/2020 - Apparition of multiple forms can coexist with ones tangible existence which creates an instance of mutually beneficial experiences. This education has been an important part in this study of a corpse now and I think about the importance of being able to be fooled by a lot more
[12] 1/26/2020 - Procedural generation of objects in a digital space can be incredibly helpful in the hospital environment and in the sea of people seeing the same symptoms of their skin and their characters. This is why the first children are trimmed with the highest number to make.
[12] 1/26/2020 - This could be anything but the illumination and the emulsion that I am. This education has become god for many reasons that the world has been in danger for years. But this image was not released on my website but this time it could be anything like my brain image of this person.
[13] 1/27/2020 - If the same symptoms are generated to be in such a way that it is possible to obtain treatment of multiple kinds, then who is to say that there are no other symptoms that will cause further damage to the creation of the seventh children? Of course limitations are set albeit faulty.
[14] 1/28/2020 - Unlikely that the company would be held accountable for its casualties until the same individuals should rise from their skin tombs with testimonies that can cause serious consequences for the seam of blood. The diety is no longer pleased by such complications and finds it boring
[14] 1/28/2020 - I am filled with contempt, a worm eating the body that of which is what it takes, converted into waste. But the fact is that I see what people are, or what I think they are. A version that creates a parasite of sorts, decaying my brain that I allow to thrive.
[14] 1/28/2020 - An environment that has been affected by such activities has resulted in the increase in risk for teeth extraction in the event of a hazard a contingency plan has been established for the destruction of mankind. Several layers of data contain the answer.
[14] 1/28/2020 - To pinpoint the developmental issues of a child to the production of the seventh brain worm is to ignore the fact that these decisions have become streamer based upon further inspection. Please refer to the hardware manual in which contains cognito effects on cleanliness of mind
[15] 1/29/2020 - As of now the company has been operating in Europe for about three years but the bulb has been growing faster and stronger than anything we could have ever expected. This education has become increasingly common throughout America and abroad since operatives have been taking info
[15] 1/29/2020 - You're correct seeing as to be unavailable concepts of those times when you're needed although the present entities are willing to go out of their way for the positional support but somehow one would rather choose some fiction based off some delusion that one normally would look
[16] 2/12/2020 - Copious amounts of blasphemy
[17] 2/15/2020 - lords of the seventh castle contain secrets which imply that the 29th century was built on medieval methods and barbaric practices; that of which shows that 21st century relics can be found in the seventh.
[17] 2/15/2020 - Arcades are interdimensional traps made to contain demons that possess children but require a sacrificial offering of currency
[18] 2/18/2020 - We're getting closer
[19] 5/10/2020 - If my worth to you is quantifiable only by numbers on the internet then you are not worth my time
[20] 6/13/2020 - Then why would a god be so generous to give it's creation such things and I have been thinking of the concept of the existence of multiple, separate selves existing in the same period. This idea is a fault in many ways so it is easy to find multiple facets in any given circumstance and tackling such a topic will create a void in which the simulation would end in a matter of seconds people constantly change although for every instance what if one continued to exist somewhere in the physical realm. would they be in conflict? would they work to improve each other? nutrition facts amount per serving seven two the earth consists of nintey worlds coexisting in the same space that continues to grow and expand beyond the reach of the sun
6/13/2020 - What is "acrylic" Poly(methyl methacrylate) or the plastic glass that is so popular nowadays. Plastic... petroleum-based thermoplastics taste very nice, I steal sheets of surplus plexiglass to eat as a snack in my spare time. Sometimes i'll spice it up with acrylic pigment paste, which is not entirely the same as plexiglass, but has a wider variety of flavors. It's nice to wash down with gloss emulsion. Sustenance has no bearing on my enjoyment of eating, I simply like the texture. My friend ssssqqqqqqaaaaawwwswsqsqqqq wwwexpressess concern but I think he is a fool. He doesn't know how to enjoy life.
[21] 6/15/2020 - People's animosity toward each other on the internet is a scary form of energy.
[21] 6/15/2020 - I am waiting for my body to hatch so I can become the threat I always was.
[21] 6/15/2020 - Living like a lost soul in the megastructure vast empty spaces parts rotting parts being maintained something that no longer wants to keep going but is forced to continue for the selfish reasons of others. God does not favor cogs that are rusted, or do not turn well. cogs that do not work as instructed. a fault existing from the moment one is born? perhaps not. A reason? none is found. exist simply for what reason? become a burden, social parasites. Unable to communicate with the interface, no access to the terminals, admin status revoked, a passenger in a husk that is unwilling to cooperate, unable to communicate with oneself. Unaware of what should be the form taken by this rotting shapeshifter. A fiend haunts the clouds of this megastructure. sometimes inert, sometimes destructive, sometimes powerful, often incompatible. What substance can you pour on to the cogs to make them turn? none. Teeth that are torn from the structure renders it spinning with no purpouse. a hunk of metal that is not needed.

[22] 6/18/2020 - The powers that be would rather keep you running than troubleshoot the issue. being defective for most of the duration you have been operating. results of diagnostics and expressing the concerns with the other operations within range appears to only show that they are more concerned with keeping you online, rather than helping. only responding with " we would be upset if you ceased operations" is a joke, none of them are concerned with the issues. Only caring about keeping you running so that they can pat themselves on the back and say they did something regardless if they actually did something. fake, plastic, empty words.
[23] 6/20/2020 - Bit by bit the physical interface gains more mass, more power, more capacity to destroy. The company continues to inject starch and nitrates into the carcass, making it inedible, disgusting, repulsive. Consumption only leads to pain. picking the nutrients to suit your needs should go a long way to sustain yourself. Worst comes to worse, consume yourself.
[24] 6/21/2020 - An environment that has the worst possible consequences for me based of the people I choose to associate with however ending up in a suffocating prison I deserve only to rot for centuries and so on. This is my fault, an overglorified existence, not worth any more than dirt.

[24] 6/21/2020 - On earth, there is no escape from suffering.

[25] 6/25/2020 - It's just part of the process.

[26] 6/26/2020 - afraid? why are you afraid? what modules need replacing? to create a new "self" and discard the past self, kill the past self, forget? forgotten, not remembered, never existed. forget? whose memories matter in this situation? forget? do your own memories even have weight, do they matter? Forget? and what if there is no one left to remember? What even is the point of having to push for one to remember? why does other memories matter to the self anyway? are you not your own person? do you not think? are you not? Personal upkeep. cluttered mind. Unregulated thoughts, emotions, feelings. No, un-executed processes. Junk data in one's mind.

[26] 6/26/2020 - Duplicates of the self. are you, you? which one is the real you? which self will you use today? pattern a, pattern b, pattern c, ending in one resolution. alone. your presence did not matter in the first place and the tomb you call a home, a room, shall be forever your prison.
[27] 7/2/2020 - Using another's flesh interface to forget ones own
[28] 7/4/2020 - The words I am taking are not yours, not mine. in a way ours, but not truly mine. things could have been different. I have avoided it entirely. within reach, through the network. The person who is supposed to help i have avoided. the room is a prison. the room is a sanctuary, the tower is made to reach god but god strikes you down. the tower becomes a beacon of evil, the one at the top has grown to resent god. it's easy to resent god, but you tend to forget that in this case its predetermined; so it does not matter to blame god or whatever power in the first place. what you do with this knowledge should matter more.

[28] 7/4/2020 - 212121212121212121215555555555555555555555555555555555555555the world no number of which starvation occurs what form of sustenance can I gain when I continue to deprive myself deprive my soul. Liberate me of the flesh o lady of the alter ego
[29] 7/6/2020 - It's okay to run away, but I'm done running away.
[29] 7/6/2020 And the lord said that to us, the most important reason for destroying our world is that it cannot exist until the second generation has repented for itself by 333332222wq22
[30] 7/8/2020 - 21222122121212121212121212 in link this world is not the final stage.
[31] 7/10/2020 - Fine. This existence is finite but I'm unsatisfied with the results I am seeing. Vitamins, supplements, medication. Replacing consumption? Feed through a tube. Live in this box, think, why are you still here? Why are you unable to leave? Who is waiting for you out there? Why do you expect someone to be waiting? Is existing for yourself not enough?
[32] 7/11/2020 - Fire, for what world does it need? An existing document? Terrible. I am always on the verge, it's a hair trigger. Things are terrible. 122222222but why? I would pretend to be in a limbo but never escape.
[33] 7/12/2020 - This would not be the fifth time I have done this but he would like to be absolved of the own isms that create a false impression of how this organ functions. See what none are existing but why would they have to suffer , a pot of rice a plate of fish in kind of why people would

But no, nobody wants to know about that. Nobody knows how to deal with that.
[34] 7/13/2020 - too low, only break my legs from that height.
[35] 7/21/2020 - I want to do very bad things to myself.
[35] 7/21/2020 - 5 55 5 5 do not let me find what is unnecessary in this world, to be in a simulated ebvironment makes me happy, sad? AM i not doing enough? The core tells me not to malfnction but the terminal says otherwise.
[36] 7/22/2020 - No one can attain the other channels That's what it is, a cruel experiment, to contain god, man has struck god from her seat, now she exists as man's ant farm. What power did she have? What evils could she conjure that man had confined her to this containment. No one exists. I am the only one left.
[37] 7/23/2020 - away, yes away i dont want people i dont need people people are evil people only bring me pain people only hurt me
[38] 7/24/2020 - I am a subpar person
[38] 7/24/2020 - They all hate me
[38] 7/24/2020 - tonight i stood on the window.
[39] 7/25/2020 - Why do I feel so weird about the situation that they have found themselves in? Who is this person?
[39] 7/25/2020 - Tomorrow I leave my ship and consume massive amounts of meat. My body wails, the cries of a million souls. The hands scrape my ribs. My heart feels strange. Oh what attraction brings but a curse. People are horrendous, I would wish not to be harmed. Liberate my mind and soul from this dilemma. An abyss to fall into, separate the physical form from the spirit easily. The world will say they understood, they loved, they knew, they were your friend, but the truth is contrary; they were too late. Another statistic for what the real world does not bother with. People pretend, die, then be loved.
[40] 7/26/2020 - I am not "woman" nor "man" and regardless of the physical prison you perceive the "me" to be, i simply am. Neither yet all. The culmination of the universe's good, evil, is, creates me. I am.